Unitized Facade Applications

Unitized Facade Panel Systems 

The panel facade is widely used in a building exterior designed with aluminum systems and is often preferred especially in high buildings. This is because the panel provides speed and ease of assembly, especially in high buildings. It allows easy repair of damaged glass and any misplaced manufacturing. At the same time, the assembly phase is built in the factory environment, so it has a variety of benefits in terms of quality and warranty.


  • Time-saver due rapid assembly.
  • Creates an esthetic look for high buildings
  • Aluminum and glass mounting can be done at the same time with the panel facade.
  • It has a compatible use with the facade insulation systems.
  • Uses a system with a heat barrier for high heat isolation. This eliminates the risk of condensation.
  • The details and features to be used are prepared according to the customer's demands.
  • High-quality and long-lasting use in high buildings.


Application Process 

Grids are not pre-installed in the building during panel facade applications. The assembly process takes place using a single panel to cover horizontal and vertical profiles. The panel consists of glass and composite profiles, which is manufactured in a factory environment, allowing for building-ready mounting. Panels to be used are usually prepared at the same time as the glass, and if requested, hidden wings can be added to the panels. Panel facade applications are very practical in this aspect.