Sun breaker systems can be applied in almost any building where maximum solar energy is intended to be utilized, especially for commercial purposes. The sun breaker, which uses high solar energy as well as controlling solar rays, protects you against the harmful effects of sun rays entering the building. With the ability to be a system that can be mounted on newly built structures, the prominent sun crushers can also be integrated into the outer facade of older buildings. Since 2003, we have been optimizing the exterior of your building with quality services from building systems and the construction industry. Our company, which eliminates the harmful effects of the sun, especially with sunscreen-crusher systems, also allows you to take maximum advantage of solar radiation. Our applications, which eliminate the harmful effects of the sun, especially with sun breaker systems, also enable you to take maximum advantage of solar radiation. When you have a variety of diameter and size solar-crusher systems designed to fit your building, you'll be able to add comfort to your space and get the following benefits.



With the sun breaker, you can take maximum advantage of daylight. With solar-crusher panels that can be moved manually or automatically, you can minimize the negative effects of the sun depending on the angle of the sun's rays.


Sun breakers that help eliminate the sun's heating effect will keep your interior warm during the summer months while reducing your cooling costs.

Sun breakers that are functionally effective also contribute visually to the structure.

The use of renewable energy means less environmental damage.

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