Structural Glazed Curtain Walls


Curtain Wall Systems

The application of curtain wall is an assembly and construction system that aims to implement creative designs to achieve modern architecture using materials such as aluminum and glass combinations.

It is a facade coating mechanism where engineers and architects can design to meet the needs of the shape of the structure.

 Why do we prefer?

The curtain Wall System while was commonly preferred in commercial structures’ facade it is preferred in many structures, including housing and shopping center in the last decade. It creates a pretigious look for buildings.

For this application, experts such as architects, engineers are performed, so they are different from ordinary designs. The curtain wall systems enhance the appearance of the building in an esthetic way. It also protects the building from environmental factors such as rain and heat insulation, which can be less affected by outside noise.

Even if it has been used for many years, there are no structural defects and no problems such as discoloration. The most reason for choice is because it provides savings and insulation.



  • It provides a high protection from environmental effects and harmful factors.
  • It protects building from moisture,and hinders outside effects such  as noise.
  • Saves energy with insulation.
  • Hides non-esthetic points and creates a smooth surface.
  • No discoloration.
  • Does not need maintenance and repair.
  • Functional and esthetic.
  • Light and easy to assembly.

Curtain Wall Types

The types of curtain walls are divided into heavy overhang and light overhang depending on their weight.

 Heavy hanging is a type of facade made up of concrete-based panels weighing more than 100 kg.

The light hanging is the type of facade type, which is less than 100 kg and is examined in two separate headings as with parapet and with no parapet.

If the Spandrel section is located in the suspended ceiling, it is called with no parapet, if it consists of blind wall, is called with parapet.


Here are the some main applications that are done


Structural Silicone Facade Systems

Capped and Semi-capped Facade Systems

Panel Facade Systems

Transparent Facade Systems

Skylight Systems

Composite Cladding Facade Applications

Aluminum Joinery Systems