It is preferred by skylight roof systems, functionality, and quality, which serve many purposes, from lighting busy and large business centers to taking advantage of daylight and obtaining decorative images. It also highlights its robustness and durability as a differentiating system in its implementation.

What is Skylight Roofing?

 Skylights and roof windows are glazed openings on a pitched or flat roof designed to provide more light to the home. As well as allowing natural light into your home, they can also allow fresh air to enter if they are openable or vented.

Skylights can be made of glass, acrylic, or single glazed ‘opal’ (ie light-diffusing) molded units. The top glazing of the skylights can also be in clear or tinted glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate. Skylights typically have long white-colored or flexible light wells and a diffuser panel fitted at ceiling level.

Application Areas

Skylight roof systems are preferred in many places today. Shopping malls, hotel, hospital, indoor swimming pools, factory, when used in cafes and many other locations, plays an important role in lighting halls and corridors in common areas.

With a range of sun-controlled glass and motorized canned ventilation to the roof, our company is building skylight roof systems to suit every need. Skylight roof systems integrated into rain and wind sensors make a difference with functionality.



Skylight roof systems have many advantages. Skylight roof systems are especially important in lighting, with their models for every taste, enabling maximum sunlight benefit. It gives the space both a stylish and esthetic look as systems that do not require surface maintenance. Skylight roof systems, which increase the value of buildings and add an elite atmosphere, are preferred as the latest trend roof systems with energy savings. With its economical and long-lasting capability, it's been running smoothly for many years. Not only has impact resistance, but it is also used in many areas as corrosion and water-free systems.

It adds an esthetic image without disrupting the natural nature of places like greenhouses and hobby gardens. It has fixed or deployable roof Windows and does not limit functionality. Lighting and ventilation areas can be created to suit the needs of each roof.

It has fixed or deployable roof windows and does not limit functionality. Lighting and ventilation areas can be created to suit the needs of each roof. Our firm has been serving roof and front systems for years and is a firm that you can rely on for skylight roof systems.

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