Exterior Compact Laminate


The compact laminate consists of covering the layers of kraft paper with decorative paper surfaces. Kraft papers embed phenol resin and surface papers with strength and unscratched melamine resin, compressing under 150°C heat and 100 kg/cm2 pressure, creating panels that can be used in the exterior and interior architecture.

Resistant to climatic effects.

* UV-resistant and tested. (Due to the Pigment difference, each color is tested separately for UV aging and included after these tests in the compact laminate product range of the corresponding color.)

*Resistant to mechanical effects (impact, scratch)

* Water-resistant and not easily affected.

* Fire resistance class is B1.

*The system is capable of carrying its own weight.

* It has impact resistance.

* It is resistant to breakage.

* Resists curving and bending.

* Easy to shape with wood processing machines. (CNC, milling, ribbon saw)

* Easy to mount,  panels are lightweight, no unnecessary load on the facade.

* Cold and frost-resistant.

* Resistant to hail.

* Resistant to rot and rust.

* Resistant to acid rain.

The system resists chemical effects from the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide, (C02) sulfur dioxide (S02), nitric acid (N02), hydrochloric acid (HCI).

* It is esthetic and decorative.

* No harmful substances, made of environmentally friendly raw materials.


Important Note:  Please request that the necessary fire test be performed and successfully tested with the mock-up sample belonging to the application, in independent and accredited testing laboratories for the facade cladding applications that you will prefer in your buildings.

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