The exterior facade coating services provided with fully modern technology support, can be implemented in all buildings. In addition to the quality materials used, the facade finishing options can be considered at an affordable price, along with the work force of experts in the field.

 Coating Materials Used in Facade

Many materials that are extra resistant to all chemical and physical effects are used in exterior facade coating applications. They are headed by products such as stonewoll and glass woll.
At the same time, the exterior facades, which are made much more durable with XPS and Polyurethane materials, are long-lasting.

When it comes to joineries other materials are preferred for windows and doors. Glass material is often used because it is much cheaper and more durable. Addititionally, these materials are also beneficial in terms of insulation.

Material Selection

 In terms of quality, exterior facade products and materials combine many benefits. Practitioners can make the most accurate material selection by doing a preliminary research on buildings, especially before proceeding to master applications. The more quality the materials used, the more the benefits the exterior offers, the longer it lasts.



Saving approximately half of the budget: The outer plasterers and lining facades give much of what is expected in terms of heat insulation. On average, fifty percent of heating costs are minimized. In the same way, budgets for cooling can be cut by half, resulting in a significant benefit.

Decreasing mold and moisture: The extreme heat and the cold increase the risk of mold in buildings over time, revealing moisture. However, external facade coatings with stone plates that are natural and artificial make it possible to create much healthier environments.

It increases the life of buildings: All materials used in these applications, including plaque coatings, extend the life of buildings. They can also be utilized for much more comfortable home environments.