Expanded Mesh Panel Applications

The mesh cladding, one of the most durable and esthetic facade covering applications among the cladding types, is used on professional scales. The most important feature of this type of coating is that it is durable and it provides a very decorative look.


Main Materials used in Architectural Mesh

Aluminum : Due to its economic and practical nature, aluminum materials are the first materials preferred in the field of mesh facade cladding. In addition to being in a solid structure, it also provides customer satisfaction in terms of providing decorative integrity.

Stainless Metal : Made from highly durable materials such as chrome and nickel, the stainless plates are another option for mesh facade coating services. These materials are extra advanced in strength against the environment and the climate, ideal for long-lasting use.


Advantages of Using Architectural Mesh

1: Lighting:  Many of these coatings use knit materials and suspended ceilings. With the practical use of suspended ceilings, all lighting is carried out in both practical and economical dimensions.

2: Longevity: Mesh facade overlays last twice as long as other facade finishes on the market. While both workmanship and materials used are qualified, these coatings make a difference over many years with the performance and appearance of the first day.

3- Transparent View : A transparent view that gives buildings a much more naïve and esthetic image is just another benefit of mesh facade overlays. The open surface is extra resistant to any wear and mold.

4: High- Protection: It is a type of facade covering that meets the safety needs of customers, not only for their durability and esthetic demands. Special safety panels for fall protection are used throughout these claddings.

5: Sun Protection: Mesh facade coatings, which can be made with both wood and aluminum profiles, also have a solar protective section. In this respect, mesh facade coatings, which are highly functional, also include natural ventilation options.


Mesh Application Prices

It determines the price of mesh facade coatings, the size of buildings and the type of materials used. Compared to aluminum profiles, wood-profiled coatings are available to customers at a much more affordable price.

The aluminum roll is obtained by rolling and expanding the ST37 steel and Stainless steel roll sheets to the desired permeability, and is turned around by the frame and attached to the construction after the dimensions have been made.

It is subjected to surface processing according to the structure of the preferred metal. The desired ral color can be applied with the galvanized coating and electrostatic paint.


Mesh Application Areas

Cold Facade Systems

Shading and Filtering

Vent applications

Suspended Ceilings


Walking Trails and catwalks

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