What are Walking Trail and Catwalk Applications?

The Walking Trail Systems are used in all types of construction sites. They are used in landscaping and gardens and have a durable, long-lasting feel. Depending on the structure of the area to be used, it can be made from different materials.

The catwalk is the name given to small roads near the roof of houses, businesses, or buildings. This path can be prepared in different equipment and different sizes depending on where it is installed.

The catwalk is also used on the exterior facades of buildings or on the construction of suspended bridges. The construction workers and engineers also create a temporary work area and walkways for the workers and engineers to stay close to the building. The properties of the cat path, which is of great importance to construction and buildings are changeable.


Our Solutions

As a company, we produce cat paths and walkways from both metal and steel materials. Cat road and walkway systems can be produced in accordance with the structure of the area to be built by our company.

We provide our customers with the highest quality and most professional walking trail and catwalk service, with welders who have certification for the metal construction walking path and metal production within our company. If you need service, you can contact our company for detailed information.

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