Capped & Semi-Capped Facade

Capped and semi-capped facade systems have similar structural characteristics when it comes to applying.


The classical capped facade unifies with reinforced concrete flooring with the help of steel or aluminum anchors. Various calculations determine the condition of the glass and the use of aluminum material on the outside. The geometry of the building is extracted from the material to be used by calculating data such as wind strength in the area where the building is located.

Then it comes to the production phase, horizontally or vertically profiles are prepared as requested, and application is easily applied. When using the capped on the facade, suitable seals are used between the glass.

Advanced life comfort is achieved by incorporating heat, light, and noise control in structures. This can be provided by means of using the right combination of glass and performance.

Since it is mostly glass surface, it remains unchanged for many years, maintenance-free except for cleaning.

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