Aluminum Joinery Systems

Aluminum Joinery Systems

The aluminum, which is preferred for health and is used in many areas with its stainless feature, is an element number 13 atom. This metal has long-lasting visual capability with its non-octane feature and is easy to process. All aluminum product options in our company's catalog have high quality features.


Aluminum Joineries

Easy to process and fast, aluminum is the most preferred metal in the joinery industry. It's durable, lightweight, easy to process and non-oxidized, so it's got a wide range of uses in the metal world.

With our experienced colleagues, we perform aluminum joineries in current and effective ways. Dozens of models such as rolls, trapezes and more are shaped in our special CNC machines.

In addition to its decorative feature, our outstanding aluminum products with isolation are machined by the new technology. Our insulated products are used outdoors and our non-insulated products are used indoors.

In addition to the folding system, the aluminum sliding application are  also preferred in this category.

We also have the same quality of our joinery systems with single opening wings and fixed windows. Our devices and production systems are renewed every year and we always choose the best quality with new processing methods.

Aluminum Joinery Types

Aluminum used in many areas is modeled by cutting profile models in various sizes. The door, window and glass balcony models in our company's catalog are insulated using plastic material. In glass balcony applications, wick and silicone are used.

The seal and silicon ensure insulation in the aluminum system. On window models, plastic gaskets and handle designs are compatible with the window.

We are building solutions for all aluminum window models in the category of houses, villas, businesses, shops, warehouses and exterior facades. Our team takes the required notes and takes the measurement by navigating the application site.


In our company's joinery model catalog,

  • Joinery glass types
  • Joinery windows and types
  • Aluminum used in glass balconies
  • Tilt and turn joinery typpes
  • Window and glass designs with heat glazing
  • Easy to use products such as louvre blind, are included.

Our firm, which quickly produces the special aluminum window and door model for all locations, also offers the door models that make human flow practical, with affordable price options.


Aluminum Joinery Manufacturing

Our new technology CNC machines are quickly preparing the needed pieces of aluminum. In addition to the production of composite doors and windows, aluminum parts of glass balcony systems with special dimensions are easily produced. Our joinery models for the door, window, louvre blinds and glass balcony are practically manufactured. Our joinery products for the door, window,  louvre blinds and glass balcony are practically manufactured. The edges of the glass balconies, section at the bottom, the grooves above and the additional sections are made from aluminum. High quality aluminum is used for a  high quality glass balcony.

Our team is also preferred for standard production. Products produced in series and specially in standard sizes are in our manufacturing category.


Aluminum Joinery Custom Production

In addition to mass production, special manufacturing services of a particular size are being performed by our expert team. In the special manufacturing service, aluminum joineries models are removed in accordance with the dimensions given by the customer or our professional staff.


During this process, our CNC machines are also used. Special size glass balconies, doors and windows are prepared in a short time. The measurements taken as a result of careful operation of our discovery team take place at the customer's request and are the first step in the manufacturing process.

Our personal work is being created by the Computer Aided Design (CAD) softwares as the customer desired.


Aluminum Joinery Prices and Tendering Process

Our company enriches service quality in up-to-date ways, offering flexible solution options for tendering and price. For special design locations such as doors or windows, our team reaches the address and takes measurements. Then they set a price and prepare the tender meticulously.

Our team is offering the best option and does not go to any restriction in service quality, considering the expectation of their customer in pricing.

The increases in pricing in aluminum are effective. Price is constantly changing in aluminum according to the Metal Exchange data. As a company, we reflect the price increase at a minimum level and we follow the market growth in a controlled manner.


Aluminum Door

The doors, the most important element of human flow, must always maintain esthetics and be heat-insulating. The aluminum doors in our catalog always maintain its esthetic. It does not lose its decorative quality for years without any action, such as paint or varnish.With glass, double glazing and aluminum closing methods, our aluminum doors are highly compatible. In addition, the sealing system is applied to ensure that it is heat-insulating.

Usually office doors and workplace doors are made from aluminum and are made with special dimensions. Our team of competent people follow the same methods to prepare and assemble work in line with the office's overall decor structure, following customer approval, in a short time.


Aluminum Window

It is a design that solves the problem of window lighting in homes, factories  and also solves the problem of heating with its heat-isolating feature. Our aluminum Windows are ribbed and heat glazed so four seasons can be used without problems.

Our product is resistant to adverse external factors and does not experience adverse conditions such as corrosion.

We shape patterns, colors, and flat models as you like, based on the measurements taken. Our dedicated CNC masters produce custom-sized door models in the desired order. Interior and outdoor models remain visual for many years.


Aluminum Frame

The aluminum is also the popular material in the metal world, which is not rusty and protects its shine when it is wiped with cleaning suitable equipment. We produce all kinds of frames in an up-to-date and economical way. All product options that have become trending from the classic products preferred by the decoration world are sold at an affordable price.

We're adding the latest models and designs from the market to our catalog. These models are prepared and delivered to the address in a short time, as requested by our customer.


Aluminum Types

The aluminum material, which attracts its natural properties, is safely used in all categories, from door, window, glass balcony to frame. Each model is used in different studies and addresses different sectors. The aluminum range on our site is as follows:

Sheet style joinery models

Roll-shaped models

Aluminum strips

Trapeze-formed materials

Colored and rolled models

Patterned models

Esthetic models with patterned properties.

Specific models for religious buildings. (Mosque etc)

All models and products related to aluminum are available on our site at every hour of the day. Aluminum with premium features in terms of quality of use is available at an affordable price. There are different sectors where each model is used.












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