Aluminum Composite Cladding Applications

Aluminum Composite Panels while including a rich color resource,

  • Provides diversity and flexibility in design.
  • Composite Panels enable metal strength while being thinner and lighter by comparison to other facade elements.
  • Has superior surface flatness.
  • Easy to repair.
  • It does not impose additional loads on the structure, it is reliable in terms of earthquake resistance.
  • Hides some sort of facade defects.
  • Corrosion and deformation due to decay, don’t occur.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • No harm to the environment.
  • The raw materials used in production are recyclable.
  • It is economical with long-term benefits.
  • The mounting process is short.                                            


B1 FR Class   Fire-Retardant Composite Panels

The choice of composite panels with at least B1 FR class fire retardation and fire retardant elements with different fire responses, plays an important role in the safety of life and structure, in order to ensure minimum fire precautions are taken in the structures.

Important Note:  Please request that the necessary fire test be performed and successfully tested with the mock-up sample belonging to the application, in independent and accredited testing laboratories for the facade cladding applications that you will prefer in your buildings.

A2 Class Fireproof Composite Panels

For buildings exceeding 21.5 meters, especially for public buildings, (the school, hospital, etc.) A2-grade Aluminum Composite Panel is highly recommended.



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